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内容摘要: The latest explosion comes fromHarvest Fund 7 _ 89456 _ 2 _ 65473 _ 9. On January 29, Harvest Core Advantage Fund Initiation Fund (hereinaf...

The latest explosion comes from Harvest Fund 7 _ 89456 _ 2 _ 65473 _ 9. On January 29, Harvest Core Advantage Fund Initiation Fund (hereinafter referred to as "Harvest Core Advantage") raised only 9 billion in just one day.

Hong Kong stocks headed out of the bull market in 2017, and Zhang Weisi, director of investment in long-term investment in overseas markets, has seen a good start in January 2018, especially for big cap stocks and index stocks. Attract investors to subscribe to the Hong Kong-Shenzhen fund. Moreover, the recent trend of A-share blue-chip companies is also very strong. Many of the funds that were once capped in 2017 also turned losses into profits, boosting investor confidence in the stock market.

Prior to this, Xingquan was suitable for the first IPO with a size of 32.7 billion. The scale of Hua Xia steady dividend and Hua An dividend was 7.817 billion yuan and 5.023 billion respectively. In addition, the value of Huitianfu, the wisdom of Central Europe and the continuous growth of Bank of Communications Schroder, Agricultural Bank of China, such as the size of more than 2 billion.

Funds burst out after the changes brought about. In my opinion, or bring two inspiration for future releases: active current limiting and closed-type operation.

The first is the scale of control, Harvest core advantage fund previously under emergency control scale, announced the issue size does not exceed 9 billion yuan.

According to sources close to Harvest Fund sources, on the one hand due to the total amount of funds raised since the start of the first IPO was 32.7 billion, the regulatory document issued on January 23 was directed at the recent hot issue of equity funds in the ongoing hot issue of irrationality, so taken On the other hand, from the point of protecting the interests of investors, we carried out the scale control according to the actual management ability, investment strategy and market conditions of the management team, considering the total scale of 9,000,000,000 raised.

The recent active control of the fund is not an isolated phenomenon. Two closed-end funds in Dongfanghong and Fuguo also took control of the scale of placement and early termination of fund raising respectively.

On the other hand, the second point is the closed operation of the stock base or become the next military strategist. "We are focusing on this year's issue partial stock funds ." A South China fund company person pointed out. And early last year, a large number of fund companies get together to issue Monetary Fund , a time can be described as who got the world.

Another large fund company also said that the company issued this year to partial stock funds, the main concern is the two main lines, one is actively managed by the industry funds, and second, the Hong Kong and Shenzhen deep industry funds. Researcher Ni Xinchen Ni Xinchen said that "the recent sale of good funds is no longer the theme of the previous partial themes in 2015, and more are excellent fund companies + outstanding fund managers double blessing results, such as last year's Dongfanghong + Peng, this year's Xing + Xie Zhiyu. "In addition, Ni Xin Chen introduces a lot of funds in the near future will be closed-end fund-raising. "The most popular last year raised the state of the Orient Red Rui Xi and this year's Xingquan fit are closed.From the information we communicate with the fund company point of view, closed-end funds is likely to be the focus of public offering 2018 development direction. To motivate and reward outstanding fund managers, they issue closed-end funds and motivate fund managers through additional management fees, which are in the usual sense of excess performance pay. "





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